corkolores juggle4kids

Corkolores Juggle4Kids is a juggling set specially designed for children that combines the joy of movement and play with an environmentally friendly approach. Ideal for young beginners wanting to delve into the world of juggling, this set offers a safe and sustainable way to develop motor skills.

Product details:
Material: 100% natural cork filled with millet
Diameter of the balls: approx. 4.5 cm (especially for smaller hands)
Weight per ball: approx. 65 g (light for easy handling)
Recommended age: from 4 years

Set contents:
3x juggling balls in attractive colors
1x instructions

Game principle:
Juggling is an excellent exercise for improving hand-eye coordination and concentration. Corkolore's Juggle4Kids was designed with young learners in mind. The balls are lightweight and the perfect size for little hands, making them easy to catch and throw. The included instruction booklet contains simple step-by-step instructions and illustrations to help children learn the basics of juggling through play.

Environmentally friendly and sustainable:
The balls are made of natural cork, an environmentally friendly material obtained from the bark of cork oak trees. The harvesting process does not harm the trees and allows them to continue growing. Cork is biodegradable and is an excellent alternative to plastic. By purchasing Corkolores Juggle4Kids, you are not only supporting your child's development, but also the planet.

Design and quality:
The bright colors and soft textures of the juggling balls are specifically designed to appeal to children and stimulate their senses. The robust coating ensures that the balls retain their shape even with regular use. The high-quality workmanship guarantees safety when playing and a long service life of the product.

Whether in the children's room, in the garden or on the playground - Corkolores Juggle4Kids can be used anywhere. The light weight makes it the ideal toy for on the go.

Fun for children:
This juggling set is perfectly tailored to the needs of children. It offers a fun challenge, encourages active play and can be enjoyed alone or in a group.

Educational value:
Corkolores Juggle4Kids contributes to the development of important physical and cognitive skills in children. In addition to promoting fine motor skills, it also helps to learn patience and strengthen determination and self-confidence.

With Corkolores Juggle4Kids you get a well-thought-out juggling set for children that is fun while promoting valuable skills. It's an ideal gift for curious young minds, encouraging them to be active and discover new skills - all in an environmentally responsible package!

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corkolores Roule
corkolore's "Roule" an update of "Boule"The corkolores Roule is an innovative and environmentally friendly game of skill that offers fun and excitement for the whole family. Made from high quality, sustainable cork, this game combines traditional elements of the game of boules with modern design and a colorful touch.Product details:Material: 100% natural materials (cork & millet)Diameter of the roules: approx. 7 cmWeight per roule: approx. 200 gRecommended age: from 5 yearsSet contents:6x roules in 3 different colors1x target1x storage bag1x instructionsGame principle:The aim of the game is to place your own roules as close as possible to the target thrown. The players take turns throwing their roules, trying to either hit the target or touch or stack the opponents' already placed roules. The game promotes skill, precision and strategic thinking.Environmentally friendly and sustainable:Corkolores attaches great importance to sustainability. The cork used comes from controlled harvesting of cork oaks, with no trees having to be felled. Cork is biodegradable, recyclable and a renewable resource. By purchasing Corkolores Roule, you not only support the environment, but also sustainable forestry.Design and quality:The roules impress with their natural grain and vibrant colors, which give each set an individual character. The smooth surface ensures a pleasant playing feel and easy handling. The robust nature of the cork makes the game durable and resistant to external influences such as moisture or shocks.Versatility:Corkolores Roule can be played both indoors and outdoors. Whether in the garden, on the beach or in the park - the light weight and the practical storage bag make it the ideal companion for trips and trips.Fun for everyone:This game is suitable for young and old alike. It enables playful competition between friends or family and is therefore perfect for birthdays, barbecue parties or simply as a leisure activity.Educational value:Corkolores Roule not only promotes motor skills such as coordination and fine motor skills, but also social skills such as fair play and team spirit. Children learn to estimate distances and improve their throwing technique in a playful way.Conclusion:With the Corkolores Roule you get a high-quality toy that combines fun with ecological responsibility. It offers a great way to spend active time with family and friends while contributing to environmental protection. Whether as a gift or for your own use - Corkolores Roule stands for hours of fun with a clear conscience!

corkolores juggle
corkolores Juggle is a fascinating juggling set that appeals to both beginners and experienced jugglers. It combines the traditional art of juggling with an environmentally conscious approach, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional juggling balls.Product details:Material: 100% natural cork, covered with durable fabricBall diameter: approx. 6 cmWeight per ball: approx. 100 gAge recommendation:Set contents:3x juggling balls in different color combinations1x instruction bookletGame principle:Juggling is an activity that requires skill, concentration and timing. The goal is to keep all the balls in the air in one continuous motion. Corkolores Juggle is ideal for beginners, as the balls' material and weight enable good control and forgive mistakes. Advanced jugglers will appreciate the quality and the pleasant flight behavior of the balls.Environmentally friendly and sustainable:Corkolores Juggle balls are made from natural cork, a renewable material that is harvested without harming cork trees. The cork is biodegradable and offers an ecological alternative to synthetic materials. With this set you actively contribute to environmental protection and support sustainable production methods.Design and quality:The juggling balls impress with their eye-catching colors and the natural texture of the cork. The durable fabric cover ensures durability and a firm grip, which is particularly important for precise throwing and catching techniques. The high-quality workmanship guarantees consistent dimensional stability and consistent flight behavior.Versatility:Corkolores Juggle is suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.Fun for everyone:Juggling is a fun leisure activity that challenges and excites people of all ages. It can be practiced alone or in a group and also promotes physical fitness.Educational value:Juggling with Corkolores Juggle not only improves motor skills such as hand-eye coordination and reaction time, but also increases cognitive functions such as concentration and problem-solving ability. In addition, it can reduce stress and contribute to relaxation.Conclusion:Corkolores Juggle offers a high quality juggling set for environmentally conscious people who enjoy exercise. Whether as a gift or for personal development - this set stands for sustainable fun and at the same time promotes important life skills. With Corkolores Juggle you are investing in a long-lasting product that you will enjoy while making a positive contribution to protecting our environment!