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To Portugal for Corkolores!

A sporting challenge, a radical approach to CO2-free travel or just crazy? No matter how you call it, for 3300 kilometers on the bike in just 19 days, it really takes strength and willpower!
TicToys founder Tony Ramenda proved this when he embarked on a very special business trip at the end of October. His idea was to travel to Portugal in a climate-neutral way! The goal was no accident. At TicToys we have been working with the sustainable raw material cork, which is mainly native to Portugal, for a long time. For example, we source the cork for our das.Brett accessories from Portugal and maintain close relationships with our suppliers.
TicToys road to Corkolores Portugal
Cork is of particular interest to us because it is considered to be the ultimate sustainable material. The bark of the cork oak is "harvested" about every seven years and otherwise always grows back, CO2 is bound again and again!
TicToys Korkeiche road to Corkolores Portugal
Fascinated by cork as a raw material, we have come up with something new for 2023: A small TicToys product series "Corkolores" is to be created, which you will primarily use so-called "cork leather". Have you ever encountered this textile with a cork look and leather properties? During production, wafer-thin cork sheets are glued to a supporting material - which unfortunately mostly consists of polyester and is therefore not sustainable at all. This can probably be described as greenwashing par excellence and is of course out of the question for us!
TicToys_Corkleder road to Corkolores
Right now it was time to talk to the professionals. In Portugal, Tony wanted to explore the possibilities of working without plastic and to find a truly sustainable "cork leather" for our purposes! And this much can already be revealed: He made it! At the toy fair 2023 we will present our new product line "Corkolores" for the first time!

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January 13, 2023 10:33

Hallo Tony , ich finde es großartig und freue mich schon sehr auf ein Treffen in Nürnberg um die neuen Dinge zu sehen LG vom Philipp


October 11, 2023 07:08

Wow, als begeisterter Fahrradfahrer bin ich sehr inspiriert und kann mir vorstellen diese Strecke auch mal zu fahren. Produkte aus dem nachhaltigen Rohstoff Kork herzustellen finde ich grandios. Das zeigt das auch in der Spielzeug- und Sportwelt mutig umgedacht werden kann.

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